How Your Workout Affects Your Testosterone

If you’re a man with low testosterone levels, working out can help. When you exercise, your testosterone levels will temporary rise for between 15 minutes and an hour. By following a regular workout routine, you can also help eliminate many of the problems associated with Low T.


A common sign of Low T is having a problem losing weight. If you’re already heavy, this can compound your issues, but exercise can help. With a consistent workout program, you can drop some pounds and help your body increase testosterone naturally.


As we get older, most of us get less active. This can become a big problem when you’re battling low testosterone levels, which can cause you to lose grip strength, stamina, and bone density. By working out regularly, you can fight all of these factors and live better.

Fitness Level

When you first start working out, your body gets a bigger jolt of testosterone than if you’ve been exercising for some time. And if you keep doing the same types of workouts, you won’t get the same response. Add some variety to your workouts and keep challenging yourself to receive more testosterone boosting benefits.

Exercise Time

Your body changes throughout the day and while it’s good to get your workout in whenever you can, certain times of day may be better when it comes to your testosterone levels. By exercising in the morning when your T levels are at their highest, you can get your testosterone levels up even higher and start your morning on the right track.


Some people think that to get the most out of something, you have to keep at it without a break. When it comes to low testosterone levels and exercise, this just isn’t the case. In fact, by overworking your body and not giving yourself enough time to recover, you can actually cause your T levels to significantly decrease. That’s why it’s so important to factor in recovery time and let your body heal before getting back in the gym.

There are many factors that can affect your testosterone levels and contribute to Low T. Exercise can help improve many of the issues you have, but it’s important to work out smart. Follow a routine and keep pushing yourself, but remember that overworking can also be detrimental. Find a balance that works for you and start living the life of your dreams.



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